Now Offering Glendale Security Guard License Training

While there is no statewide security license for Colorado, Glendale does require that any security officers working within the municipal limits obtain and possess a security license. These requirements are set to ensure that security officers working in the area possess a baseline knowledge and skillset required to effectively perform the duties of their job.

With our 40+ years of combined experience we are not only experts in safety and security, but also in training and development. Through a combination of micro learning, e-learning, and in-person hybrid formats, we can ensure you and your employees are properly trained and possess the necessary knowledge and skill sets required to obtain a security license in Glendale. We can train at your location, our location, or customize a location offsite. Contact us today to find out how we can help make sure you and your staff are ready to take the next step and get licensed in Glendale.

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