No matter the type of facility, our trained security guard professionals are ready to ensure your site, staff, and equipment are safe and secure.

Our On-Premise Security Guard Services can include perimeter and boundary control, create a physical deterrent by having a strong security guard presence, and provide a friendly customer service professional to enhance your patron’s positive experience.

Our security guards can take immediate action and respond to situations such as break-ins, medical situations, or give directions to the correct entrances in restricted areas of a property or venue.

On-Premise Security Guard Services

  • Commercial Property Security¬†
  • Construction Site Security¬†
  • Retail Security
  • Housing Complex Security
  • Library Security
  • Healthcare Facility Security
  • Venue Security
  • Event Security/Staffing
  • Fire Watch
  • Energy Sector Security
  • Employee Termination Security
  • Executive Protection
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