The need for safety and security at your event or venue is extremely important. A lack of planning or failure to conduct a risk assessment, can have consequences for you, your employees, and customers, if an emergency occurs and you are not prepared. At Code 4, we have a combined 40+ years of safety and security experience and we are a working member of the Event Safety Alliance and we are a working member of ASIS and the Event Safety Alliance.

We can help you be compliant using nationally recognized industry standards, best practices, and local regulations. We accommodate diverse needs with our clients to provide assessments of your site, event, or venue to mitigate risks. A proper needs assessment can be completed to recommend the steps necessary to rectify any risks. We will then customize a safety and/or security plan to tighten gaps and mitigate consequences.

Security Consulting Services

  • Use safety guidelines and best practices established by ASIS and the Event Safety Alliance.
  • Conduct event and venue risk assessments
  • Create safety plans
  • Conduct Security walk-throughs
  • Work in conjunction with your local law enforcement agency
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